Our Approach

At Toronto Addiction Rehab, we break treatment down into three manageable stages, allowing the client to be able to see the whole path ahead while intentionally managing progress through one stage at a time.

Stage 1: Assessment and Stabilization

During this stage, typically lasting 3-5 days, we use evidence-based practices and tools to thoroughly assess our client’s addiction and related problems. We take time to adequately evaluate the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being of the client while understanding the client’s family and social circumstances.

During this stage, we take time to assess the clients’ readiness for treatment while helping them understand some of the emotions they may experience during the recovery process. We also consider where specialized treatments may be required to ensure each client is able to address all circumstances that surround their addiction in order to work towards lifelong recovery.

Stage 2: Recovery

Stage two will have the client working through an intensive treatment process that combines several methods including individual and group counselling. Sessions aim to be supportive, educational and assist the client in developing the essential skills required for lifelong recovery.

Topics covered in group and individual sessions that seek to be educative include topics such as stress management, relationships, the disease model of addiction, relapse prevention, and introduction to meditation and mindfulness.

Stage 3: Aftercare

The aftercare stage, and maintaining the necessary coping skills for recovery, is just as important as the recovery stage itself. Participating in the “termination” stage will allow you to intentionally plan your discharge while putting in place a plan for continual support and maintenance of what you worked towards through your recovery. We maintain the therapeutic relationship with our clients beyond the completion of their treatment to ensure they have adequate support to deal with the challenges of daily life. We recognize that skills development is a lifelong process, and a necessary compliment to the commitment to lifelong recovery and thus provide continuous opportunities for our clients to access skills building and problem-solving sessions for as long as they need to. In addition to aftercare, we encourage past clients to become part of our Toronto Addiction Rehab alumni group where they are able to engage with current clients and share their journeys through recovery.

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