Beginning Your Journey with Addiction Rehab Toronto

We are committed to being your support every step of the way through your addictions recovery process. When you contact us, you will be put in contact with our qualified counsellors and assessment specialists, who will ask questions to learn more about you. They will work with you to help you understand what is going on with you and those who are affected by your addiction.

Once you decide to work with us at Addiction Rehab Toronto, we will tell you what to bring, what to expect, and walk you through your process. Once you arrive, you will be seen by an Intake Counsellor who will help you get settled in and comfortable.

We are confident that our approach with our clients is effective and produces positive results for those we work with. Speak to our counsellors about our guarantee, and how we plan to work with you to uphold the promise of lifelong recovery.

Treatment Program

Our treatment program offers a variety of sessions and formats for our clients to choose from. They can participate in art, fitness, hypnosis, narrative, cognitive behavioural, acupuncture and talk therapies while also being able to choose between group and individual therapy formats.

After Care Support & Support for Loved Ones

Our treatment programs extend beyond the individual to the loved ones and family of that individual, recognizing that recovery is a not a solitary process. For clients, we offer an extended aftercare program to maintain the clients’ commitment to recovery.


We offer various environments, services and equipment to ensure the comfort and recreation of all individuals. We offer various recreation activities such as ping pong and other games, as well as a sauna, gym, swimming pool, and various yoga and fitness classes. (adjust to be specific to client)


Toronto Addiction Rehab is not a hospital, clinic or institution, and we take great efforts to not let it feel that way for those who stay with us. We truly want to create a comfortable and relaxing environment where our clients are able to easily focus on their own recovery.

Location – Specific to client

Personalized Care

At Toronto Addiction Rehab, we recognize the benefits of keeping therapy and activities groups to a small number of individuals. We manage group sizes to ensure that each individuals’ needs are taken care of and given the most attention possible.

Quality Food

We recognize that good, nutritious food is an important key to successful recovery. We work with qualified food preparation professionals to provide clients with nutritious, balanced and delicious meals throughout the days. We are happy to accommodate special dietary restrictions for all our clients.

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