Toronto Addiction Rehab has seen a 90% rate of effectiveness when a family successfully engages through all the steps presented by us through an Intervention. We understand that interventions can often be associated with confrontation for a loved one with addictions problems, which we seek to mitigate through adequate preparation with families in order to help them fully understand the addiction their loved one is experiencing. Recognizing that rehearsal is an important element to ensure success of an intervention, we go over every step of the intervention process so they are comfortable with the delivery of their messages to their loved one.

We encourage participants in the intervention to read letters and will facilitate the reading of the letters to the loved one, while creating a comfortable and safe space for that person to hear the messages of those hoping for that person’s recovery. We support all participants in the intervention through the emotional processes of working towards recovery.

At Toronto Addiction Rehab, we are confident that our approach will help you get your loved one who is facing addictions the help they deserve. We know that addiction is treatable and recovery is completely possible when the right supports are put into place for those facing addictions and those who care for their well-being. We offer a path to an alcohol and drug free lifestyle, and we are just a phone call away.

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