Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient Rehab offers clients various formats that meet their treatment needs and allow them to work within other obligations in their lives. For many, entering into a full-time recovery program is not a the most viable option for an individual. Perhaps the individual realises that they will not be able to commit to the inpatient program, or even believe that with enough dedication, they will be able to get through their addiction on their own.

At Toronto Addiction Rehab, we recognize that not everyone is ready to dedicate themselves to a more intensive treatment process, but also recognize that people cannot get through addictions alone. While we maintain that inpatient treatment is the most effective method towards recovery, we do offer various outpatient programs aimed at those who are not able to make the full commitment yet remain dedicated to their own recovery.

While we work with each client to create a customized treatment plan, there are three main areas of support we provide Outpatient clients:

Individual and Family Counselling

If you are an individual struggling with addiction or the family member of loved one of someone with addictions problems, one-on-one counselling allows you to take a focused and strategic approach to managing the addiction. Individuals with addictions problems benefit from having someone who is invested in their recovery help work through the root causes of the addiction as well as develop strategies to manage the recovery process. Providing support to families and loved ones ensures that these individuals are also provided with support as well as strategies for managing the addiction and recovery of a loved one.

Couples Support

We also offer couples therapy aimed at helping manage circumstances where one or both in that couple have addictions problems. Couples therapy also is helpful for those dealing with the addictions of a child or other close relative of the couple.

Group Therapy

Attending group sessions will help you access a supportive environment of individuals on an outpatient basis. Group therapy sessions are available throughout the recovery process, including aftercare. The support of others going through similar journeys of recovery will help with the continual development of positive attitudes and life skills in recovery.

Outpatient Rehab is not for everyone

It is important to understand that Toronto Addiction Rehab will first always encourage inpatient treatment for addictions, but understand the circumstances that lead someone to choose Outpatient Rehab, however, when choosing outpatient rehab, we work with clients to ensure that in their daily life, they have adequate support from friends and family, are living and working in environments free of drugs and alcohol, or don’t feel at risk of severe withdrawal.

It is also important that outpatient clients recognize that choosing this method for treatment will require the client to do most of the work. We will be with the client throughout every step of the journey to recovery, but will take great efforts to provide the client with tools to manage every day situations that can prove difficult through the recovery process.

Call Toronto Addition Rehab to discuss your specific circumstances and we will help you consider whether Outpatient Rehab will be the most effective path for your recovery.

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