Alcohol Addiction

Since alcohol is available legally and is sold as a commodity and so closely associated with social activities, it’s often more difficult to recognize an alcohol addiction. However, when consumption of alcohol becomes too much, decline in physical and mental health, as well as negative consequences for your relationships and professional life become inevitable.

Alcohol addiction can cause several physical and emotional problems for the user including brain damage, liver damage, high blood pressure, anemia, nerve damage and an increased risk for cancer, heart failure and stroke. Emotionally it can lead to depression and other mental health issues, broken relationships, and violent tendencies due to a lack of poor judgement while intoxicated. There is no denying that alcohol can be a damaging drug when it becomes an addiction.

Toronto Addiction Rehab can help you break the cycle of alcohol addiction, help you repair your damaged relationships, and bring you on a journey towards an alcohol-free life. Recovery is possible when you reach out and are willing to do the work.

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