Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana is likely one of the most misunderstood and misconceived drugs that we see in clients, as it remains a controversial topic in terms of being addictive due to the fact that it is almost legalized and is used to many medicinal purposes. However, marijuana addiction is a real thing, affecting more than 280 million people world-wide.

Marijuana is a complex drug, made up of several chemical, toxic and harmful compounds. When burned and smoked, it releases thousands of chemicals into the body that are very harmful. It is most commonly classified as a depressant drug before a psychedelic, although users claim these effects.

In the short term, marijuana can produce short-term effects such as impaired judgement, reduced inhibitions, and slowed down motor control while simultaneously increasing blood pressure and heart rate. With increased use, users develop a tolerance over time which can lead to short-term memory loss and decreased motivation.

Marijuana is addictive for some users and can produce long-term effects such as memory loss, paranoia, and has the potential to cause smoking-related cancers. While marijuana has become commonplace in society, and is moving towards legalization, Toronto Addiction Rehab understands that marijuana is a problem substance for drug users.

Toronto Addiction Rehab can help you understand your marijuana use, how it is harmful in your life, and work with you on a customized treatment plan that will bring you to a life of recovery free from marijuana.

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