Oxycodone and Oxycontin Addiction

Prescription drug addictions are becoming increasingly common and problematic. Oxycodone, known by its brand name Oxycontin is widely available and widely prescribed. It is a form of opioid that has been synthetically derived from codeine, and has been widely used as an effective painkiller for surgeries, injury and other medical related issues. It contains many substances including morphine, opium, heroin, hydromorphone, and fentanyl. Once highly praised as a miracle drug for pain, its addictive properties became secondary, leading to an epidemic of addiction when it became widely prescribed.

Similar medications such as Percocet, Oxycocet, Percodan and Endocet are also prescribed and hold similar addictive properties. Long-term users of oxycodone medications will eventually experience a breakdown of the body due to their continued use. The body simply is not designed to sustain continued use of these drugs. As a user experiences decreased sensitivity to the drug with increased use, tolerance is developed, leading the user to increase intensity and frequency of their dosage. Eventually, the user begins using the drug only to avoid symptoms of withdrawal, as they no longer feel the euphoria and sense of well-being the drugs first provided them.

The withdrawal process for oxycodone drugs can be difficult, producing undesirable physical and mental symptoms. The typical withdrawal process with Oxycodone lasts 48-72 hours at its most intense, eventually subsiding in a week. These symptoms at times can be described as terrible, unbearable and what leads addicts to put off the recovery process. Toronto Addiction Rehab is here to support clients throughout the process of withdrawal. We help you through every hour of your withdrawal process and then work with you through the recovery process so that you can live a life of recovery, free from prescription drugs.

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