Heroin Addiction

Heroin is potentially the most addictive substance, as once you begin using heroin, you are guaranteed that your life no longer is your own to control. Heroin is so highly addictive, and expensive ranging from $100 to $300 per gram, that users usually devote all their time and energies in a day finding the financial resources to support their use of heroin. As a result, jobs and other responsibilities fall by the wayside, and users can often fall into a slippery slope where they will go to any lengths to maintain their use.

Heroin becomes available in powder form where purity is never guaranteed. Ranging from white to brown, it is often mixed with other dangerous substances to make it more plentiful or addictive. Since users are never completely sure of the potency of heroin, using is always a gamble when they are chasing the high, which means overdose is possible with every use. Heroin users usually chase the most potent, and risky, heroin as they look for the most intense rush.

At Toronto Addiction Rehab, we help users see that one rush is not worth your life. We help clients free themselves from being slaves to the addiction and live a life free of heroin and the constant desire to find that rush.

We work with clients to help understand the withdrawal process with heroin. We are up front with the fact that the recovery one is extremely difficult to start, but entirely possible. We help the client through the withdrawal process, and give them a list of the symptoms of withdrawal so they understand the process. While nothing is fatal through the withdrawal process, it is a difficult path physically, psychologically and emotionally. Toronto Addiction Rehab will help you through each symptom, step, and second of your withdrawal management.  We work with clients throughout the treatment to develop plans that seek to get to the root of the addiction and work towards recovery, using methods and processes that the client chooses in collaboration with our Addictions Counsellors. Clients are provided various forms of therapy and counselling, and are able to choose to engage individually and in groups with the therapeutic process.

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